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News - Nov. 2008

No firm date for release of an updated Velodyne trainer. Check back later please.

Service of Existing Velodynes:

Repair and service of Velodynes is provided by Source Scientific, Irvine, CA

Contact them at 800-888-9285

Common Issues:

Most Velodyne issues are with the computer head, with the most common problem reported being a low battery in the memory backup chip.We can replace this chip and restore full function.In the case of erratic behavior, always check the connections with the memory card first. Dirty contacts will prevent operation...clean with a pink eraser.For loss of load, also check for a cut power cable...which can damage the computer also.Blowing fuses can happen after a nearby lightening strike, damaging the power supply board (located under the right side cover).Generally, the mechanical drive components are trouble-free and there is no suggested maintenance required.

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